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October 26, 2012
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How to Save On Utilities In Spite of New EPA Energy Regulations


How to save on utilitiesThere is a healthy debate going on right now in the U.S. over the environmental impact of traditional energy sources like coal. The current administration is backing tougher EPA regulations on power plant carbon dioxide emissions, which is seen as an air pollutant. Under the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and Utility MCAT rule, all power plants must meet new emissions levels in order to operate. This has resulted in several plants having to shut down or make expensive upgrades to their existing operational systems in order to comply with the new rules. 

What is clear is that the cost of utilities for manufacturers is going to be heavily impacted by these new regulations. As certain power plants go offline, the demand for energy will continue to increase. The intent of the government is to boost the output of alternative energy sources such as electric, solar and wind. However, much of the country still gets a lot of its energy from gas and coal. Gas utilities are not affected negatively by these new regulations because they already meet emissions standards, however, coal pants are taking a real hit. Therefore, prepare for the possibility of a steep increase in manufacturing utilities costs. 

What these changes mean for companies going forward is that there is a real need to take action in finding ways to save money in this area. Many manufacturers are uneasy about these new EPA regulations and are seeking out information on how to save on utilities. Others are bringing in an experienced utilities consultant that can advise them on the various ways to find utilities savings.

Utilities consulting is a growing trend because every business depends on their local power plant to keep the lights on and machines running. The good news is that deregulation in the energy industry allows for more competition for your energy dollars. The first thing that a utilities consultant will do is to find alternative options in supply to see where the best savings can be found. It is not unusual for consultants to help businesses save between 15% and 20% on their current usage. 

Energy costs will continue to rise as the industry adapts to the new regulations and alternative energy sources gain more traction. Instead of fearing these changes, manufacturers can stay on top of the curve by instituting a proactive utilities cost reduction plan.