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October 26, 2012
Don’t want to hire a full-time Purchasing Manager? Through Procurex, you have 24/7 access to a procurement specialist who can deliver significant pr ...
Cost savings solutions are the result of careful analysis, broad experience, and deep expertise. Our cost control strategies bring these together to i ...
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Cost Reduction Solutions

You are an expert at running your business. You know your products, your processes, and your people. You know your major production inputs and where to get the best prices.

At Procurex, we provide Cost Reduction Solutions and Consulting for the ancillary costs that – in reality – make up the majority of your expenses: leaving you free to get on with what you do best. 

Our cost reduction analysts evaluate 50 non-payroll cost centers, including:

  • Freight: FTL, LTL, Parcels, Overnight Mail, Custom Duties
  • Products: Raw Materials, Cost of Goods
  • Supplies: Packaging, Fasteners, Pallets, Paper
  • Services: Payroll Processing, Plant and Cleaning, Refreshment and Food, Contracts
  • Financials: Banking Fees, Real Estate Leases, Accounts Payable, Discount Terms, Cash Management
  • Insurances: Health Care, Property and Casualty, Workers Compensation
  • Waste: Hazardous Material Removal, Waste Management, Recycling
  • Sales and Marketing: Advertising, Marketing Lists, Printing, Trade Shows
  • Staffing: Temporary Personnel, Travel, Worker’s Compensation
  • Technology: Software, Voice and Data
  • Taxes: Income Tax, Sales and Use, Tax Assessment Reversals

From this list of non-payroll cost centers, our cost reduction analysts typically identify 5 to 10 cost centers that can save you 1 to 3% of your total annual revenue through effective procurement cost management.

Example: If your total annual revenue is $10M, Procurex’s cost reduction solutions can save you up to $300,000 per year.

You can elect to work with our cost reduction consultants remotely or onsite, on the schedule and frequency that is most convenient for you. Our cost management consultants will assist you throughout the entire cost control process:

  • Identifying opportunities for cost reduction solutions
  • Developing a compelling business case for change
  • Devising an implementation roadmap for cost reduction solutions
  • Managing change and transition efficiently and effectively
  • Measuring cost control progress against relevant metrics

By combining your business knowledge with our cost reduction solutions and consulting, you will be able to achieve sustainable operational efficiency, cost improvement, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Leverage our cost reduction solutions to achieve a competitive advantage. Call Procurex today at 1-800-425-0795.