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October 26, 2012
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Cost savings solutions are the result of careful analysis, broad experience, and deep expertise. Our cost control strategies bring these together to i ...
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Cost Control and Cost Reduction Strategies – Procurex Case Studies

At Procurex, we believe that cost control and cost reduction is about more than numbers. There is an art behind the science as we apply solid principles to enable you to reach the most cost-effective price points.

Finally, at Procurex we know that cost reduction is not a destination that can be “arrived at” and then ignored. Cost Control is a continual need, addressing constantly changing circumstances. Further improvements are always possible as the marketplace, technology, and your business evolves over time. We will be with you each step of the way.

Our well-defined cost control and cost reduction strategy brings you the full benefit of both the art and the science of expense management:

  • Invoice Analysis. Our cost reduction analysts will meet with your Accounting Department to perform an invoice analysis, where over 50 non-payroll cost centers will be evaluated. This step is performed onsite in a single day, and will take a minimal amount of your staff’s time. Our cost reduction analysts simply need access to your hard copy invoices or paperless database.
  • Scope Approval. Upon completion of the invoice analysis, your cost reduction analyst will meet with you to discuss cost control opportunities. You will have the option to approve or pass on each cost center identified. This meeting or teleconference typically takes less than a half hour.
  • Baseline Generation. Once the project scope is approved, your cost reduction analyst will begin the Strategic Sourcing Process (SSP). The first step in the SSP is to generate a baseline from which savings are to be measured. This is typically, though not always, your current cost.
  • Strategic Planning. With your baseline established, your cost reduction analyst will develop an SSP that details cost optimization opportunities for each cost center. This plan will identify the financial upside to all possible alternatives.
  • Practical Implementation. At Procurex, we go beyond cost control consulting to the practical implementation of the SSP. We will assist you in executing the SSP, whether that involves working with your existing vendors to bring pricing in line with current market conditions, sourcing to an alternative provider, or eliminating unnecessary components or processes.

Take advantage of practical, measurable, profitable cost control consulting. Call Procurex today at 1-800-425-0795.