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October 26, 2012
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Environmentally Friendly Industrial Waste Solutions


Waste Management for ManufacturingA challenging problem for many manufacturers is what to do with the significant amount of hazardous waste produced on a regular basis? Industrial waste can be in the form of solid materials, gas or liquid. Disposing of such toxic materials can’t be treated as an afterthought as they can pose a health risk to the surrounding community, as well as, the natural environment.

For decades, business waste removal was considered to be fairly straightforward. Simply stuff the material into a large metal drum container, haul it away and then bury it either around the business property, dump it into the nearby river or throw it away in some remote location that hasn’t yet been developed into livable neighborhoods. 

Of course, years later when these drums leaked due to erosion, or the rivers became too toxic for citizens to enjoy using their beautiful lakes for recreation, the ramifications of mistreating industrial waste disposal became quite clear. State, federal and local governments have since cracked down on such careless practices and these days, most forward thinking companies are seeking more environmentally friendly solutions for waste disposal. Two solutions that are popular involve burning and recycling.

Incineration of solid waste is still used as a quick way to get rid of unwanted material. Because these materials can release pollution into the air, this process is usually tightly monitored and controlled. Often the energy produced from this burning is reused by the same facility. Some waste is placed in an area where oxygen is greatly reduced. It then decomposes into various gases. 

Modern waste management for manufacturing is increasingly turning to hazardous material recycling as the best solution. Any material that can be reused in some way is separated out and sent for further recycling. There is also movement towards creating more environmentally friendly chemicals to replace those commonly used in manufacturing. 

An important rule of thumb for companies to remember is that regardless of what type of waste is being disposed, it is still illegal to dump or store it somewhere just to avoid paying the cost of proper removal. There are several companies that specialize in industrial waste removal and understand how it should be treated. It is easy to contact these firms and negotiate good rates for disposal of a hazardous material container, toxic chemicals or the removal of contaminated soil from your property. While industrial waste is unavoidable, the responsible handling of this waste can be done in a way that neither harms people or the environment.