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October 26, 2012
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Creative Packaging Cost Management; Cardboard Packaging


Packaging Cost ManagementRecently, Gary Connery, a movie stuntman, jumped out of a helicopter and soared high in the sky like an action hero towards a pile of 18,699 cardboard boxes. Gary was making a daring world record attempt to be the first skydiver to make a parachute-free jump from a moving helicopter. As onlookers held their collective breath, Gary was propelled by gravity as the wind rippled through his unique winged suit. At a speed of 80 to 100 mph he landed into the specially constructed landing strip of boxes. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Gary walked out of the pile a few moments later a happy world record holder. Well, that’s one way to show off multiple uses for cardboard boxes. 

As innovative as this skydiving stunt was, cardboard containers are still primarily used for packaging and storing all sorts of goods. But because we’re now living in the 21st century, even this beloved standard of the packaging world is getting a makeover. Many companies are looking for innovative ways to update their old packaging while keeping an eye on packaging cost reduction

Today’s packaging is often designed to be environmentally friendly while also allowing companies to get more bang for the buck per each piece manufactured. The trend in packaging cost management is to see where waste in package production can be cut, but at the same time, adding lots of value to the end user. 

The cardboard picnic cooler developed by Cascades is a great example of this concept. The rectangular shaped cooler is made from 70% recyclable materials. It’s mainly for outdoor use, keeps food cold and can easily be recycled. It is constructed from NorShield water-repellent cardboard, and insulated with a metallic-like film that helps keep foods at a colder temperature. 

Another bold idea is the cardboard can that holds carbonated beverages like beer and soft drinks. Everybody is used to seeing the same old round metal cans. Imagine coming across a can of your favorite soda in a cardboard container? That’s what the Germany-based Keienburg Company has developed. They’ve managed to come up with a cardboard can that is green-friendly, safe for consumers and cheaper to produce. 

The strong desire to address packaging costs and find better ways to use inexpensive cardboard material is driving this new boom in design. While you are considering making changes to achieve cost reduction in packaging, remember to include ideas for innovative ways to make use of popular packaging materials.