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October 26, 2012
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5 Essential Services Provided by Industrial Cleaning Companies


Industrial Cleaning CompaniesManufacturing operations need constant upkeep in order to maintain a safe working environment for employees, as well as, to meet local, state and federal regulations. Unlike traditional office spaces, industrial spaces often include various heavy-duty equipment, chemicals and tools that require special attention. Factory cleaning should never be left to inexperienced employees or untrained office cleaning companies, instead, professionals should be brought in that are specially trained to handle cleanup duties in these types of environments. 

Manufacturers may decide to use an industrial cleaning service to take care of daily disposal of waste material. There are a variety of hazardous chemicals that are used on a regular basis that cannot simply be thrown away in a dumpster. This would pose a serious health and safety risk to customers, employees and the surrounding community. Therefore, your company would contact one or more industrial cleaning services to assist in the proper disposal of waste materials. 

If you have a monthly or semi-annual factory cleaning schedule, a professional cleaning company can be brought in to blast away accumulated dirt, debris and toxic chemicals. Workers in these firms go through extensive on-the-job training before they are allowed to participate in real world job assignments. This means that when you hire an industrial cleaning service, you are going to get people who understand exactly what they are doing every step of the way. Most of these services include advanced industrial power wash, deep cleaning, disinfecting surfaces and vacuuming. 

There are times, however, when your company may experience a hazardous spill that happens either inside or outside of the facility. This is considered an emergency situation, and fortunately, the best environmental cleaning services are completely prepared for such incidents.

Common types of services provided by industrial cleaning companies include: 

1.  Confined Space Rescue 

A confined space rescue team is sent in with rescue equipment to rescue those trapped in tight, hard to reach spaces. 

2.  Emergency Response 

A highly trained and certified response team is sent in to handle fires, chemical spills, leaks and overflows, biological materials, tank truck rollovers, etc. 

3.  Hazardous Material Handling 

When a hazardous spill occurs it needs to be cleaned up quickly and safely. A team trained to OSHA standards is sent in to handle this dangerous operation. 

4.  Site Remediation 

A team is sent in to help with soil contamination, demolition debris, unwanted slab rock and other needed site clean ups. 

5.  Tank Cleaning 

Tank cleaning involves a very specific type of cleaning equipment and an expert team will remove all forms of dirt, oil and residue from inside of an industrial tank.