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October 26, 2012
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4 Tips on Managing Manufacturing Telecom Costs


telecom manufacturingA recent study of the manufacturing sector suggests that manufacturers are looking into ways to improve the effectiveness of the telecommunications services they are currently using. Due to the speed of technological innovation and change, it makes sense to upgrade all telecom manufacturing systems to a better functioning model. Many companies want to begin taking advantage of new wireless data networks that offers access to more speed and security while, in turn, allowing the business to reduce telecom expenses significantly.

In order to get the best deal from carriers, you will need to implement a strategic plan that allows for the ongoing management of this necessary expense. Here are four tips to follow when researching carriers and plans to reduce the cost of telecom in your manufacturing operation: 

Look at Several Options 

Even though you may like your current telecom carrier, you should still check out what services their competitors are offering. The telecom industry is notorious for changing rates overnight and that great deal you got a few years ago may not be so good anymore. At any given time a carrier could be offering a special promotion that can save your company big bucks. Remember that cost cutting measures must put your company’s needs first over loyalty to one particular carrier.

 Negotiate for the Best Deal 

Here is an area that many businesses fail to even attempt negotiating on price. Never assume that all costs are set in stone. Telecom services won’t always voluntarily give you information on their current promotions and discounts. You must take the initiative and ask them if they can give you a better deal than that first quote. 

In addition to discounts and promotions, you can negotiate a current contract, technology upgrades and even terminating services without incurring any draconian penalties. This should all be thought out ahead of time so that you can go into negotiations knowing exactly what you want. 

Submit a Quote Request 

If you are really serious about getting the best deal possible, you can submit what is called a Request for Quote (RFQ) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) to several carriers. These documents outline all of the services you need. This puts each carrier on notice that you are seeking competitive quotes from many sources, which means they have to really offer you a great deal to win your business.

 Proactively Manage Services 

Once you have decided on a telecommunications solution for your manufacturing operations, don’t just take a set it and forget it attitude. It is smart to stay on top of the data and voice plans that you have by implementing an ongoing review process. Make sure the installation goes smoothly, that all communications systems are running at top efficiency and that needed repairs are made quickly. Also, remember to check your bills for any inaccuracies that are costing you money. Constant vigilance will ensure that you are getting the most benefits from reducing telecom costs.